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February 27, 2008


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Virginia Beach offers parents traveling with a baby or a toddler plenty of ways to relax and rejuvenate. After all it's parentsGranted it’s no longer made of boards, but Virginia Beach’s 2.6-mile boardwalk is stroller friendly and can’t be beat for walking. Biking is also an option using the bike path parallel to the boardwalk.

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I love to travel with my kids. My kids loves kayaking. To experience the change of seasons, wild rushes, migrating waterfowl and golden leaves the Sandbridge Eco Sports provides both guided and unguided tours of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to visit with my kids.

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Going to the beach anytime of year is really rewarding. And even more so if we do with our loved ones, enjoy beautiful beaches and lots for sale in costa rica is a gift that life gives us

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Great to see you have aquariums at the Virginia Marine Science Center where folk can actually touch the fish. In the UK just off the M53 in Cheshire, England, at the Blue Planet Aquarium, there is also a touch tank for small creatures including rays but you can also experience shark dives in the home to one of Europe's largest collections of sharks.You can meet a 10ft long sand tiger shark.

But don't get blase: one aquarium instructor entered the tank straight into the path of an open-mouthed sand tiger, which did a small amount of damage to his head (the instructor's, not the shark's)!

And at the Deep Sea World in Fife, Scotland you can swim with sand tigers, tope and the bottom-dwelling angle sharks.

I'd love to swim with my own fish but I'd have to get a much bigger tank or take the magic shrinking potion! My typical fish photos can be seen at

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