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February 03, 2009



Make Nassau your beach vacation destination. Find out more about the diverse hotel amenities that each of Nassau's hotels and resorts have to offer. Don't delay your vacation plans; come discover Nassau's historic charm and the spectacular scenic views that will surround you at each of the breathtaking resorts and hotels that are available on the Island. When you stay at a Nassau resort or hotel, you'll be just a short walk from downtown, all while keeping every bit of paradise right at your fingertips.


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i like this part of the post:"Feed the birds, meet a snake. This is definitely a fun stop for families. Petit in size but grand in experience Ardastra Gardens & Zoo is the only zoo in the Bahamas. Within the five-acre tropical nature reserve you will find awesome gardens and plenty of colorful residents including geckoes" is very good


i like this part of the blog:" Dolphin Cay has a series of electronic interactive learning stations where visitors may read about our dolphins rescued from Hurricane Katrina, or learn more about dolphins in the wild and what needs to be done to protect them. Admission is free and open to all visitors of Atlantis. " is very good


It is a good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.

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Leonie Klug

chips and other food should definitely be part of your list when you're out going to the beach. LOL. but you know another important thing you can't forget is a camera to capture the moments! hahaha.
last time, my kids and I went to El Cid Vacation Club in Cancun and all of us forgot to bring our digicams! if you could just imagine are annoyance. haha. good thing all of us had camera fones then. not really good quality pics but at least the memories were stored :D

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Adam Decker

Nassau is one of the best places to spend your vacation happily. To find out the hot happenings and business information about Nassau, you can hunt internet.

Brian Speidel

One of the best beach destinations is Nassau. When you go as a family, you can enjoy a lot. Internet will be a best guide to identify the tourist destinations in Nassau.


Nassau looks great. I saw many cruisers going there but they don't stay there as much as I would like. I definitely want to see Atlantis with those amazing aquariums and Aquaventure. Swimming with dolphins is still my unrealized dream so thanks to your article I am putting Nassau on the No.1 spot of must visit destinations.

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Nassau is definitely a great place for a family vacation. I've been there a few times and can't wait to get back.

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The possibilities are just endless in this area. What more could you possibly asked for in the Bahamas? Atlantis Resort, on nearby Paradise Island, dominates the northern view from Nassau; it is the first high rise building ever constructed in the country


What a fantastic place to go to...We have not beenthere yet but it will be next on our list.

Account Deleted

Nassau is very beautiful for a vacation, very relaxing and a perfect place to go if you travel with your family. no wonder, when I was a travel agent, a lot of families book their vacation packages to this destination. I also wanna mention that for 2011, Cape Town is the #1 destination in the world, so you might wanna try visiting the place one time.

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