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January 23, 2008



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Just to share with you are trip to boston. In Woburn to be precise.

We had 3 motorcycle. The clerk at the front desk told us to park them right in front of the front door. Between midnigth and 2 am. The motorcycle had 2 blow tires 2 broken mirror and the speedometer and rpm where completly broken(each). Total damage cost around $1,000 dollars each motorcycle and $100 dollars each to tow the motorcycle. At check in time the clerk told us someone always do a round also he said there were camera pointing to the front. Suprise after we saw the damage we took a look and no camera at the front door. How can a hotel can't have no camera pointing at the front door. You can't record who ever walk in and out of the hotel. We also had no record of what happen. The consolation I had was a refund of my room. Wow that is real help.So has far has im concern Best western is out of my hotel list for a stay. Never even try to gave us some info were was the nearest harley. The general manager didn't even came to the hotel. The only way I talk to him was on the phone. At least would have been the descent thing to do to come and see the damage. Could also have show is concern about it. The only thing we got was (we are not responsible) no sorry. Even told the tow guy to go do is job when he also show a concern about the fact no camera was in front. I can understand youre not responsible for those damage. But at least the clerk should have been honest and say they was no real checking of the front door. The general manager should have at least show up. We would have easily went to another hotel if we would at least have know about the camera and the checking. At this point our stop to this hotel cost us our trip.

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