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October 09, 2008


Norfolk Island accommodation

This site will be a very good guide for visitors to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah.Thanks, I'm really curious about these place myself.


Given there is so much to see in the Four Corners region, can you suggest a auto tour that covers a REASONABLE area over 2 weeks.

Ingrid McCleary

Here's one that covered it in 3 weeks. https://www.tripwiser.com/trip_planner-?TripId=8a8c80fd156ed0cf011597d5e6ac1a70
It seems to be a popular one as other travelers are Saving it as their own. I'd suggest doing the same & then cutting it down to size.

Or here's a 14-day one that you could build on. https://www.tripwiser.com/trip_planner-?TripId=8a8c80fd1dfbded2011e0efe58ec259d
Two weeks is definitely doable because I hit all 4 states plus California & Nevada in 9 days (starting from the Bay Area). Have fun!

Travel America

Pay three dollars and you get admission to the only point where the boundaries of four US states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah) hit each other. If you are interested in geographical points like that and like taking the famous "standing-in-four-states-in-one-moment" shots, then this place is a must-go I have to admit.

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