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September 29, 2009


Jamie M.

Awesome blog! I really enjoyed the mix of personal stories and practical information on where to stay and what hikes to go on! Thanks for the great tips!

Travis McCleary

1459872403957 steps may have been a stretch, but it didn't seem like that for us (the author's son, nephew and brothers). We hiked when the falls were relatively dry -- during wet seasons, the falls would blanket the stairs hundreds of yards away, making every breath wet and icy!

The first falls (can't remember the name) is about 2.0 miles from the base, and with the exception of the daunting stairs, the hike to it isn't too difficult. Expect steep, but paved, pathways. The trail will eventually take you to the top of the falls, but you can take small side-paths and walk to the bottom of the falls (or to the pool below it).

About 6 miles from base, there is a Ranger Station and a campsite where some hikers choose to stay overnight. I don't know the costs involved, but it's a good idea if you don't imagine making it the whole way in one day.

We may not have been going as fast as other hikers, but we started at 6:30am and ended at 8:30pm!

Some pieces of advice:
1) Wear comfy, durable shoes. My steel toe boots didn't do the trick, but the rest of my caravan had comfortable hiking boots (they still got blisters though!). Also, bring extra socks!
2) bring lots of water. I survived with 7 bottles, refilling at some bathrooms and stations. The others had water bladders in their backpack, but that made it difficult to judge how much water they were drinking. They ran out on the way down and I gave away a few of my bottles.
3) Bring a flashlight, you may need it.
4) Bring gloves if you intend to climb the last 400 feet. There should be a few hundred gloves at the bottom of the cables, left by past hikers, but don't count on them being comfortable. Come prepared.
5) Relax at the top, enjoy the views -- but don't stay too long! You should be on your way down by 3pm, otherwise you'll be caught in the dark.
6) Bring a camera! I took 180 pictures with my phone, and that's playing it safe because I didn't want my phone to die.

Enjoy the hike! I can't tell you how many times I stopped, looked around, and said, "This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen". Of course, I also said, "This is the most difficult thing I've ever done... when will it end?!?". Every step of the way was a challenge -- but also an accomplishment.

If you don't think you can do it, try it anyway! I saw people of all sizes, shapes and ages make it to the top. Even if you don't finish the hike, you'll take a lot from the experience.

Travis McCleary
(son of Ingrid McCleary)
(The guy in the first picture)

Camera Bags

I think it is one of the best hiking place in the world with lots of nature beauty and tough roads to go on top-spot.

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Remember that beginning in 2010 you will need a permit to climb on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays will be required to go to the top. Check out recreation.gov for more info.

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Jerry Frankes

We stayed at Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging https://www.yosemitepinesrv.com/ in Groveland, California about a halh hour drive from the western entrance to the park. Yosemite Pines is great for kids as they have a pool, playground, volleyball, gold mine tour, petting zoo. In addition to campsites they also have cabins and yurts.


It would be a great pleasure spending vacation on some such kind of beautiful marvellous place with my husband and kids.

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It was very interesting to read. I wanted to go to rest on nature. The second picture is particularly liked.


I have often sat on pinnacles in the Drakensburg and on Table Mountain, and all of them fade into a dim comparison when viewing these photos which are breathtaking!! Hope to visit them one day...

Liam @ Trekking Life

Cripes I'm an Aussie and every time I see pics of Yosemite it blows me away. I gotta a get there

Trekking Holidays

Yosemite is a place we often come back to, about every 3 years. My son is now 12 and we've been there 3 times and every visit is different and very rewarding. The most recent one when he was 11. It was real hike, he walked for miles and asked endless questions all the way.

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