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October 16, 2009


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Thanks for the wonderful guide to such wonderful city of Amsterdam.I am impressed with its historical and cultural aspects.

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What a fun blog about taking a road trip. Have you seen the official Stephen Dent UK road trip blog that was recently created? It's not as good as yours but it is near close.


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It would be more fun,enjoyment and thrill if you got roaming in Amsterdam on a bike.Its always a great pleasure freaking out with friends.

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Amsterdam in my last visit I found it very beautiful and a superb place.

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What a nice blog..and very informative too! Great post! Kudos!


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Thanks for the wonderful guide to such wonderful city of Amsterdam.I am impressed with its historical and cultural aspects.

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like how there are a variety voices coming through.


nice blog!! thanks for all your advices!

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A thoroughly enjoyable read, and a great travel guide on Amsterdam. It's refreshing to read a positive article on Amsterdam once in a while. Ok, so it has a red light district, but so do so many cities around the world. Thanks.


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I love Amsterdam - a vibrant and all-embracing city. Thanks for this post.


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This is great,I love Amsterdam, thank you!

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This post is really interesting and informative. I got lot of knowledge about city of Amsterdam. Thanks....

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